Bear and Rabbit

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series Issue III: Winter 2010

by Josiah Johnson

One day, in a forest up past the mountains there lives a rabbit and a bear. Now, the bear is big and always tired and the rabbit is small and always full of energy. The bear walked on to the rabbit territory to rest because of the noise in his territory. This one rabbit in the territory didn’t like that.

This rabbit was a fighter, a wisecracker, a troublemaker always on his feet, and he was very, very clever. So on that day, out of all the frightened rabbits in that territory, he decided to stand up and tell the bear to leave, and all the bear could say was “no.”

“Hey pal, could you mosey on back to your side of the forest?” said Rabbit.

“No,” said the Bear in a tiring, drowsy voice. So Rabbit decided to hop on him to beat him up, or at least make him fall. Bear didn’t budge, in fact he got so annoyed he flung Rabbit into the bushes with the other frightened rabbits. Rabbit was angry, so he decided to plan and plot and scheme on how to make bear leave.

Hours later, Rabbit held an apple in front of Bear. “Come on big guy you know you want this apple!” Rabbit said. Bear licked his lips and reached his mouth to the apple. Rabbit kept moving back, having bear follow him in his tracks. Rabbit kept moving back so that bear could walk into the thorny side of the bushes and it would hurt bear so badly he would run away to the opposite side, where the other bears are. Bear was only two inches away from stepping into the thorn bush when he realized Rabbit’s sly look on his face. Bear then extended his arm and paw and swiped the apple and ate it, leaving Rabbit dumb founded. Rabbit then proceeded to “Plan B” and tried to beat up Bear but he ended up flying into the bushes where the other rabbits were, again.

Rabbit got tired and he was real mad now. Then he thought of something brilliant and as he planned and plotted and schemed again, he looked at the other rabbits mischievously. They had terrified looks on their faces when they saw his face. Bear was real annoyed now. He was on the look out for any signs of Rabbit. No rabbits to be found, peace was all he heard as he fell asleep, which is exactly what Rabbit wanted him to do. Rabbit then set out the signal for all the rabbits to come out.

About 40 rabbits were on one side of Bear and on the other side was Rabbit, giving the signal. “I call this little technique, Bear tipping!” said Rabbit. “When I say push, PUSH!”

“Okay,” said the rabbits of the forest. And on the third count Rabbit said, “Push!” The rabbits all pushed together as hard as they could and tipped the bear. Bear then went wild and ran off back to the other side of the forest where all the rest of the bears are. Rabbit then gave a look of triumph and happiness.

The end.

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