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Issue I: Spring 2009

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No One Suspected

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by Flower White, Age 16 No one suspected that underneath her blonde curls and dimpled smile she was hurt, fed up with all the dirt from the wigs to underneath her skirt, she was dyin inside trying to fit in, and tryin to hide but underneath all that she was the biggest surprise. She was […]

The Write Stuff: First Annual Youth Marathon Reading

Join us on March 14, 2009, 2pm at The Brooklyn Central Library, Trustees Room at Grand Army Plaza for an afternoon of original writing by young writers from NYWC workshops. This free event will feature writers between the ages 7-18 from all over New York City together sharing one stage. Don’t miss it!


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by Blimie Youngworth You can listen You can dream, dance and sing. It makes me happy.

Spotlight on NYWC Workshop Participant Jacqueline Carter-Cutting

Jacqueline Carter-Cutting challenges all my pre-conceived notions of what a United States Army Veteran is. At 38, this attractive and svelte mother of two immediately put me at ease with her rolling island accent, graciously offering me a slice of cake when I met with her one recent afternoon at the Brooklyn Vet Center in […]