No One Suspected

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Issue I: Spring 2009

by Flower White, Age 16

No one suspected that underneath her blonde curls
and dimpled smile
she was hurt, fed up with all the dirt
from the wigs to underneath her skirt,
she was dyin inside
trying to fit in, and tryin to hide
but underneath all that she was the biggest surprise.
She was slick, smooth, and basically wise
She was full of deceit, incredible lies
You could tell she was different from the look in her eyes
She was full of her game but
she had something so different it just wasn’t the same
From her face to her walk
Even down to her name
To her fam, the act was a sin,
They felt true beauty came deeper than skin
And it even shocked me so I’m goin in.
Every dude on the block said, “Shorty a ten,”
But the whole thing was a scam
Everyone tried to but could not understand
All along underneath, yo—
This girl was a man.

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