Lost and Found

This entry is part 2 of 15 in the series Issue IV: Spring 2010

Talesha Duncan, 17

I lost my father: 1998, hot sticky June.
only about 5 years old. Confused, hurt.
a cat in da woods. Silver handcuffs,
men in blue suits w/flashing red + blue lights
on a white car. Away dey go w/mi Dad. Driving
a distance into. Could onli c a white ball of dust

I went looking for him in places I had no
idea he could b, looking for him at skewl, at
home, at Gmaz house, I cnt find mi Dad!
Cnt stand da amalgamations of thoughts
+ feelings!

And I found him, at a large cold dusty building,
where I must fit dere criteria, where I can
only spend so many hours w/him! Where
he wears dingy green w/all dese unknown guards
+ men. But 4 da time being, I found dose couple of
hours, dat hug. Soon it’ll b ova + back in 2 da cold
holdin Gmaz hand.

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