This entry is part 6 of 16 in the series Issue VI: Fall 2010

by Peecoá Glover

I’m preparing for the journey of my life
I’ve traveled the world in my mind
I’ve seen the seven wonders of this universe with my spirit,
I’ve packed my suitcase with my soul and I’m ready to go —
Where will this parcel take me?
I’ve touched the gates of hell
I’ve walked the coals of the earth
Where will this duffel bag take me?
I’ve carried it up stairs
Through hallways
It’s grown heavy over the years
Where will this clutch take me?
I’ve ridden subways
I’ve ridden the bus
Where will this paper bag take me?

I’ll travel lightly this time around
It’s time to leave the packing to someone else.

Yesterday’s baggage smothers all of your tomorrows.

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