On Sundays

This entry is part 4 of 16 in the series Issue VI: Fall 2010

A Group Poem created at the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival Workshops by Anwen Burns, Cameron Burns, Evan Campbell, Sam Holdengraber, Pascale Leone, Tristan Leone, Keeph Little, Tayon Regist,  Amanda Sahadi, Victoria Sahadi, Zoe Shears, Ixele Akinmowo-Simon, and Terrence Smith

On Sundays I go to Alabama.
I go to the Lego store.
On Sundays I take my unicorn and ride it in the forest,
I steal Persus’s flying shoes.On Sundays I go to writing workshop
and play with my cousin.
On Sundays I beat up big giant apes and go to California.
On Sundays Zeus gives me his lightening bolt.
On Sundays I go all the way to Long Island to see my Grandma,
I go around the world,
I steal Persephone from the underworld.
On Sundays I control the world and crush it to dust.
On Sundays I flush my cousin down the toilet,
I turn my cousin into stone.
On Sundays I go to Florida.
On Sundays I get the sickness of omnius oblieus,
which is when you grow trees out of your nose.
On Sundays I take your eyeballs out
and make the most beautiful earrings in the world.

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