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On Sundays

This entry is part 4 of 16 in the series Issue VI: Fall 2010

A Group Poem created at the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival Workshops by Anwen Burns, Cameron Burns, Evan Campbell, Sam Holdengraber, Pascale Leone, Tristan Leone, Keeph Little, Tayon Regist,  Amanda Sahadi, Victoria Sahadi, Zoe Shears, Ixele Akinmowo-Simon, and Terrence Smith On Sundays I go to Alabama. I go to the Lego store. On Sundays […]


This entry is part 12 of 16 in the series Issue VI: Fall 2010

by China Woods We must remind ourselves to be humble, Humble amongst our eternal soul. It may take meditation and relaxation. We must always remind ourselves how fragile life really is. Amongst the tangled webs we weave, We must remember to breathe. I sit and ask myself, is it worth it? Do I want to […]

Yellow Is

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by Jeanie Tramontano, Age 6 Yellow is joy. Yellow is fun. Yellow is cool. Yellow is the sun. Yellow is pretty. Yellow is a flower. Yellow is gorgeous. Yellow smells like flowers. It talks to me and says: “I am glad that I am your favorite color. Tell other people to like yellow too. I […]

What Matters

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by Giuliana Tepedino, Age 7 Love matters. The world matters. Houses matter. Water matters. Food matters. My family matters. Swimming matters. Exercise matters. Learning matters. Respect matters. Friends matter. Life matters. Everything matters.

Backseat of a Minivan

This entry is part 9 of 16 in the series Issue VI: Fall 2010

by Iris Stone We’re driving along, listening to an old school song. I’m sitting in the backseat of my friend’s minivan. This boy sitting next to me don’t seem to know what to do with his hands. “Listen, my brother, you have your own knees and lap, Move them hands or suffer a slap.” “Excuse […]