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Lavender Is

This entry is part 2 of 16 in the series Issue VI: Fall 2010

By Maeve Brennan, Age 6 Lavender is nice. Lavender is cool. Lavender is the sunset. Lavender feels like silky hair. Lavender smells like chocolate. Lavender tastes like oreos. Lavender sounds like Irish stepdancers. Lavender reminds me of the rainbow that I saw in Arizona two days in a row. Lavender is the best.

The Boy Who Loved Words

This entry is part 1 of 16 in the series Issue VI: Fall 2010

By Galilee Best, Age 7 Once there was a kid who loved words- action words, describing words, even words that are for titles. One day a kid said that words are stupid. That hurt his feelings. Then he ran away from him. And then he got stuck in the woods where a werewolf was about […]

Dig Deep Magazine, Issue II is Here!

Dig Deep is NY Writers Coalition’s on-line literary journal, which features writing from NYWC Workshops. This issue includes writing from The 14th Street Y, Ridge Kids, SAGE, and Serendipity II workshops. Click here to read it!