The Voice of the New Year’s Eve

This entry is part 4 of 10 in the series Issue VIII: Spring 2011

by Yasuko Nagasawa

Can you see time?
Time? Time is always chasing me, so I can feel time.

Can you hear time?
Yes, my small as a toy clock which I bought 99 cent
makes sounds tic, tic, tic, tic—. It makes cheap, dull sounds.

Can you touch time?
Yes, the wind blows on my cheek.

Can you smell time?
Yes, when I go to outside from my apartment,
I smell time.

Again, can you see time?
Yes, when I slept, I had a dream of my mother
and I woke up.
Mother gave me my life and I am still alive.

Yes! I see time;
I feel time, I hear time, I touch time, I smell time.
I will continue my life and I will be in the New Year 2011.

This is the last question. Can you catch time?
No, I can’t. I never catch time. Time must catch me when I never wake up.
I would like to wake up every day until I will make 100 poems.

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