NYWC Podcast Episode 2: Insight Out

Episode 2: Insight Out (Click to listen/download.)
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This episode showcases the variegated voices of the CIDNY community, in the live reading of their book “Insight Out“; there’s comedy, there’s absurdity, there’s straight up real-talk… And a couple original songs by James Power, based on poetry from the book.

Laura Solomon, NYWC Podcast Producer


Featured in this episode:

Leslie Yasner – The Stain Will Not Come Out

Harris Alpert – Dr. Marigold

Maryam Ayazi – The Child I Came From

Samaris Ayala – Bagels (read by Maryam Ayazi)

Nick Bochinis – The Exhibition

Jacinta Lawson – My Decision (read by Avra Wing)

Maria Zulig – A Rainbow (read by Audrey Israele)

Audrey Israele – Teacher Tales

Joe Rosenbaum – The Sound of One Voice Talking

Peter Shamel – Girl Journal

Avra Wing – Tako the Octopus Retrieves Our Dreams

Eun Jung Lee – Wrong Destination Love Boat (read by Maryam Ayazi)

Marlene Glasser – Embrace of Spring


“Faces” Lyrics by Samaris Ayala and music by James Power

“Embrace of Spring” Lyrics by Marlene Glasser and music by James Power

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