NYWC Podcast Episode 3: Ridge Kids/Ridge Girls

Episode 3: Ridge Kids/Ridge Girls (Click to listen/download.)
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This episode showcases the talented kids from NYWC’s workshops in Bay Ridge, plus a couple original songs by James Power, based on poetry Adrienne Williams (written with us when she was 9).

Laura Solomon, NYWC Podcast Producer


♣”Unlocking The Air.” Lyrics by Adrienne Williams, Music written by and performed by James Power.

♠About Ridge Kids/Girls with NYWC Workshop Leader Barbara Cassidy and Christine, a parent who brings her children every week to the group.

Readings by:

♦Isabella Huang, Age 10

♦Luka Silva, Age 8

♦Veronica Bondi, Age 7

♠Conversation with Pascale Leone, Age 10, about the mysterious anonymous boy in Ridge Girls.

♦Poem by Rochelle Chin, Age 9, read by Barbara Cassidy

♣”Shoes.”  Lyrics by Adrienne Williams. Music written by and performed by James Power.

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