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Via Partenope

This entry is part 2 of 12 in the series Issue X: Summer 2012

By Antoinette Carone On a warm morning toward the end at the café overlooking the sea on Via Partenope Antonio and Giaccomo enjoyed their quiet companionship.  Antonio cherished his solitude and also relished the feeling of being open to any possibility.  Without being aware of it, he was waiting to fall in love. At precisely […]


This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Issue X: Summer 2012

By Sharill Wright It’s not easy being green!!! At least that’s what Kermit the Frog says and you know what, he’s right. I hear them in the halls saying, “Yeah you’re all right, you’ve got on them greens!!!” What do they know. They don’t know anything about me or what I’m going through. Yeah I’m […]

Nena’s Magic Wand

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By Edi Holley I turned on the TV, as I always do to watch the “Today Show” over breakfast.  But, darn,–no image on the screen, only that annoying message, “DTV = C2”, then, “NOW TUNING”.  I unplugged the set to let it rest, then I unscrewed the little gismo behind the modem for 30 seconds. […]

8th Annual Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival August 18th

Besides an open fire hydrant, there are few New York summer traditions that match the coolness of the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival.  On August 18th at 3PM, young writers from NYWC’s free outdoor writing workshops will read alongside literary superstars Earl Lovelace, Tayari Jones, and Jessica Hagedorn at the Fort Greene Park Summer […]

NY Times: NYWC Takes Over the Subway for NYWC Day

On Friday, May 18, 2012, people gathered from all five boroughs to celebrate NY Writers Coalition Day with writing workshops in iconic spots throughout New York. Executive Director Aaron Zimmerman and several members of the NY Writers Coalition converged at Times Square, where they staged a guerilla-style takeover  of the No. 7 train to host a NYWC-style […]