Writing through it: Storm Stories on The Narrator

One day after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, The Narrator’s Prompts Editor, Derek Loosvelt, provided a good distraction to those of us lucky enough to only have cabin fever to deal with this week. Check out his writing prompt — and start penning your own storm story.

Last night, while Hurricane Sandy* ripped through the East Coast, causing massive flooding and blackouts (but luckily didn’t do much in my neighborhood – Fort Greene, Brooklyn – other than cause an Internet outage and the lights to flicker on and off a few times) I pulled out Ron Hansen’s excellent story collection Nebraska.

I began to read, for the third time, “Wickedness,” a brilliant story about a blizzard at the end of the 19th century that roared through the Midwest and killed scores of folks in the course of 24 hours.

Here’s how Hansen describes the beginning of the wicked storm through the eyes of a man who shares his last name: [Read the rest of this writing prompt here on The Narrator]