Scene from a Photo

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Issue XI: Winter 2012

by Indymarie Sparrow

Man I’m bored. I wanna go outside
get out of this apron and goofy hat
go hit the club, that’s where it’s at
but from this register can’t do that
cash at 0 that shit is whack.
It’s 1962 from the looks of things
I’ve got a few more tears,
more sweat, more blood, more tears.
Maybe get a better job put away my fear
buy a nice car and push at the gear.
Go take a cruise while I listen to the blues
thinking all my problems are solved
I get a nice man with a golden tan.
He’ll be the best dancer on American Bandstand
and we’ll do flips and spend chips
at all the casinos and he’ll take me
where I wanna go.
And at night I’ll make sweet sweet love
as I listen to the winds blow through my window
wrapped in his arms, he’ll keep me safe and warm.
I began to see the next customer botherin me,
can I get a tall black, no sugar, no cream,
Damn! to think this was all a daydream.

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