Tap Shake Tap

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series Issue XI: Winter 2012

by Loretta Morris

Sitting on my bunk
with my mind racing
my nerves so bad my feet was pacing
Tap Tap Tap is the rhythm I can feel
and when it’s lunch the food makes me ill
and when I’m thirsty it’s dirty water
They don’t clean the cambro
and sometimes the hot pot runs out of water
shaking my leg is all I can do
It’s a very uncomfortable place for me and you
Tap Tap Tap I’m waiting on my date
until it comes the time I’m released from these gates
On Sundays it’s GI day
General Inspection
Shelters have no beds but they take a
inmate in like it’s a new election
Calcraft soap dries my skin
now I’m breaking out and it’s cracking through my chin
The sheets are threads and blankets are cheap
Looking at these walls make me weak
All the CO’s are different
and one loves to say she doesn’t like
Shaquita’s, Becky’s, or Marisol’s, and I think in my head
her good ole speech has run old
At night all I see is flashing lights
They may have sentenced me but my future is bright

Tap tap tap is the rhythm of my feet
I look at my bunkie and she almost leaning over on me
I tap my foot a little harder so she can see
the coffee cup is tilted over then it falls on her feet
Tap Tap Shake Shake
I’m tired of making cakes out of cookies
At home I’m a real cook not a rookie
A roast con pollo y grandules
when I leave this place
this side of life is over
Tap Tap Shake Tap Shake Shake
Tap Tap Shake

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