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Join NYWC for Write Makes Might on April 13

Join NY Writers Coalition for Write Makes Might, our seventh annual adult marathon reading. In a city full of stories, so much goes unheard, unnoticed or untold. The writers in Write Makes Might describe streets we’ve never walked, faces we’ve never seen, stories we’ve never heard. Reflecting the rich diversity of New York City, Write […]

Issue XII: Spring 2013 Poetry & Art


Issue XII: Spring 2013 Prose & Art


A Dog’s Perspective

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By Anne Mule My name is Owen Marshall and I am a Golden Doodle. My mommy is a Golden Retriever- so sweet and gentle, and my daddy is a Standard Poodle, very mischievous and smart. Some days I feel very frisky and am inclined to get in trouble- it’s the poodle in me. Sometimes I’m […]

Understanding How the Earth Moves Through Space Can Make Your Head Spin

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By Donald Lortie Most of us probably don’t dwell on the topic of the earth speeding through space, but it’s one of the things brought to my attention in an astronomy class in college over 50 years ago. Let’s examine some of the facts. First of all the earth is spinning (rotating on its axis) […]