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Weekly Writing Prompt: Throw out the script

Think of the ending of a movie or book that you really enjoy or strongly dislike. Refresh your memory by reading or watching the story again. Then, rewrite its ending, changing it however you see fit. –Michael Charboneau on The Narrator

NYWC presents the 2014 Jean Stein Prize in Oral History

NY Writers Coalition is proud to present the 2014 Jean Stein Oral History Prize in honor of the writer, editor, and innovator in oral history’s narrative form. Entrants must create a 1-3 page portrait of a New Yorker who has impacted their lives. Top submissions will be published by NYWC Press and compete for a cash prize: 1st Prize – $500, 2nd Prize – $250, and Honorable Mention – $50.

Why Give?

Giving is at the core of what we do at NYWC, all year long. From our volunteer workshop leaders to our participants, our audience members to our staff: we give our time, energy, attention, stories, hearts, and souls. And countless supporters give financially to make all of our work possible. We do this because we believe everyone has a story and everyone has a voice. Why do you give?