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Weekly Writing Prompt: National Puzzle Day

There are only a few types of activities that are as engrossing as a well-made puzzle. A truly great enigma can tickle the curiosity of the mind and force its solver to use complex reasoning skills.

Announcing NYWC’s first City Voices Writing Retreat

Join NY Writers Coalition for a full day of inspiration, new writing, and artistic community building in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This daylong retreat will help you connect with your authentic writing voice, experiment with form, style, and new genres, and develop existing material in new and unexpected ways.

Weekly Writing Prompt: A Tea Time Story

Write a scene where tea is a main focus. Indulge your piece is the cup, the steam, the smell, the heat — and anything else about your tea that might drive the writing. Drink up!

NYWC’s Red & Black Party is back!

Tickets are now on sale for NY Writers Coalition’s annual Red & Black Party! Sip chocolate martinis made with 3 parts passion and 1 juicy drop of regret. Clean up in the No Love Lost Silent Auction. PLUS support NYWC’s free creative writing programming in New York City!