Weekly Writing Prompt: National Puzzle Day

By Juan G. Rodriguez

Today is “National Puzzle Day.” There are only a few types of activities that are as engrossing as a well-made puzzle. A truly great enigma can tickle the curiosity of the mind and force its solver to use complex reasoning skills.

There are word puzzles, jigsaws, Sudoku and brain teasers, but my favorite type of puzzle is a murder mystery. As a kid my favorite villains in comic books, novels or movies, were the ones who crafted maniacally absurd and extravagant puzzles or brain teasers for the hero to solve. The champion is forced to piece together fragments of the case in order to decipher the criminal mind.

Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, Batman was as much a detective as he was a brawling crime-fighter. The boy-wonder, Robin was also gifted in solving even the most arduous of conundrums poised by the infamous Riddler. Edward Nigma’s fanatical obligation to commit crimes based on riddles and puzzles made him one of Batman’s greatest and most peculiar adversaries.

During the fifth generation of home video game consoles, many popular action and survival-horror games began incorporating puzzle-solving elements as objectives to clear a level of the game or to enter a new territory.  When I think back to PlayStation One era, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ‘ water sample puzzle comes to mind as one of the more frustrating video game puzzles.

Write a story featuring a protagonist who must unravel a puzzle in order to prevent a tragedy or write about an ordinary person trapped inside of an ancient temple that is filled with perilous puzzle. Don’t forget to be descriptive and have fun creating the enigma.

Question mark concept  by Pixbay.

Question mark concept by Pixbay.