Weekly Writing Prompt: Valentine’s Day in The Digital Age

By Juan G. Rodriguez

In this technological era of e-mail and abbreviated xoxo text messages, the concept of writing your partner a love letter or poem seems antiquated and petrifying. Although technology is very big part of my everyday life, I remember my high school days of baring my heart and soul through the abrasive process of putting pen to paper.

The torn and shredded loose-leaf page ripped from the black binder, scribbled upon and later containing the sultry narratives of inexperienced but undying love, and the whispers of a breathless romance. I remember her blushing and offering such an attractive smile in return of my amateurish and clumsy poems.

My anti-Valentine’s Day writing prompt is not about hating love or wishing misfortunate events on that one Facebook couple that continuously post written and photographic displays of affection. Save that kind of stuff for when you two are out in public, it is not that cute and it is kind of annoying. This prompt is a response to these lazy days of disposable “I love you Tweets” and the over abundant use  of Emoticon Hearts.

This writing prompt is about dusting off a relic of a bygone era and telling someone the story of why you love them. Resuscitate your declaration of devotion and do not purchase that last one-eyed teddy bear or the Hallmark card without an envelope that you find at CVS/Pharmacy on February 14, at 7:45pm. Your partner and the CVS employees will thank you, trust me.

Write a love letter or poem to someone you care about or write a love story and describe how one character wins the affection of another. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Black arrow drawing going cartoon heart love by Pixabay

Black arrow drawing going through cartoon heart love by Pixabay