Weekly Writing Prompt: Cherry Pie Day

By Juan G. Rodriguez

Today is National Cherry Pie Day. It is the day we celebrate the baked goodness of those luscious scarlet cherries enclosed inside of an elegant flaky pie crust, baked to perfection with a fragrant aroma of wholesome bliss. There’s a short burst of vanilla or almond flavor that comes just before you taste the first bite. The initial flavors perform a savory tango balancing a palate of sweet and tart across the surface of the tongue.

Cherry pie is one of those cherished deserts where the entirety is greater than all of its particularly modest ingredients! While apple pie may be the official pie of America, the equally delicious cherry pie deserves to at least be second on the all-American dessert list. Not only is Cherry Pie Day in February, but the month is also known for being both Great American Pie Month and National Cherry Month.

I think that I have given you plenty of reason to enjoy a nice slice of cherry pie, but here is another– Presidents Day. When I think of the holiday and our nation’s first president, George Washington, I cannot help but think of the beautiful cherry tree that he chopped down as a young boy.  The fabled  “I cannot tell a lie” story has become part of American mythos and politics, but  I wonder if young Washington hacked down the cherry tree just so he could have pie after his supper.

Write a story set in a diner known for their cherry pie, and create a variety of characters giving them each a personal reason for entering the diner in pursuit of a slice of cherry pie.

A delicious cherry pie. photo by Juan Rodriguez

A delicious cherry pie. photo by Juan Rodriguez