NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Another America

April is National Poetry Month, and to help you dig into NaPoWriMo (or whatever poem-a-day challenge you’ve taken on), NYWC brings you Prompt-a-Day. All month long we’ll feature the writing prompts that really get us going — morsels of inspiration from staff members, workshop leaders and participants, and even from some of our favorite poets and writers. So good luck, dear poets — and remember to check back tomorrow another one!

another-america. 2

Today is April 8, the birthday of one of the great living American writers –  novelist, poet and social activist Barbara Kingsolver. In 1992 Kingsolver published Another America, a collection of poems that examine the idea of the political self and its place in society.

For today’s prompt we look to that beautiful and provocative work for inspiration. Write about “another America,” one that is lesser known or completely invisible to most people.