NYWC Prompt-A-Day: What I Want To Say

April is National Poetry Month, and to help you dig into NaPoWriMo (or whatever poem-a-day challenge you’ve taken on), NYWC brings you Prompt-a-Day. All month long we’ll feature the writing prompts that really get us going — morsels of inspiration from staff members, workshop leaders and participants, and even from some of our favorite poets and writers. So good luck, dear poets — and remember to check back tomorrow for another one!

pat schneider

Author Pat Schneider

This Sunday at the 92nd Street Y, I will join Pat Schneider, Sapphire, and many other brilliant writers for a full day and evening exploring Writing as a Spiritual Practice and the Amherst Writers and Artists Method of teaching writing.  

Peter Elbow called Pat Schneider, “The wisest teacher of writing I know.”  I’ll take it a step further and say she is the wisest person I know.  Pat has many gifts, but I personally think that the source of her strength as a writer, teacher, activist, and human being is her profound ability to be authentic and vulnerable. Something magical happens when Pat speaks; she creates room for everyone to go deeper, open up, heal, and write their absolute best, most honest work.  I feel honored to call her my friend, as well as a role model.

For today’s prompt, (and a sneak preview of Pat’s honesty, voice, and sense of humor, which you can experience first hand by coming to the 92nd Street Y on Sunday), read this blog post by Pat Schneider — especially the poem titled “What I Want To Say” —  and use it for inspiration.  You can write your own poem with the same title, write using what Pat calls your “original voice,” or write anything else that comes to you.