NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Operation Graduation

April is National Poetry Month, and to help you dig into NaPoWriMo (or whatever poem-a-day challenge you’ve taken on), NYWC brings you Prompt-a-Day. All month long we’ll feature the writing prompts that really get us going — morsels of inspiration from staff members, workshop leaders and participants, and even from some of our favorite poets and writers. So good luck, dear poets — and remember to check back tomorrow another one!

The Easter Bunny has been sent on his way, but for many young people around the country the next chance to get dressed up with friends and family is graduation – specifically, high school graduation. Depending on the school district or what region of the country they call home, the big day is as soon as two weeks away (kiddos in New York City still have at least two more months to suffer through). For the rest of us who can only look on with pride and secondhand hope for the new grads, our memories will have to do – the good, the bad, and even the ugliest of our high school graduation memories.


Operation Graduation

Let’s put all of those flashbacks to use this weekend with a couple of prompts inspired by high school graduation.  First up is a writing prompt that is courtesy of StoryShelter, an online storytelling community whose new project Operation Graduation asks What was your biggest obstacle to graduation? How did you overcome it?

Or try this one: Make a list of ten items you remember from your high school graduation. (Of course these might include your cap and gown, but don’t stop there!) Then, pick one item from your list and write a scene from the day of our high school graduation. This piece can take whatever form you choose – prose, poetry, however the words flow.

*If your memory needs a bit more jogging, try a little “Pomp and Circumstance” on a loop.