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NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Take Flight

Read Amelia Earhart’s poem,”Courage” and write about a character who is courageous enough to do the unthinkable or impossible amidst a sea of cynics and pessimists.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Titanic Tragedy

Today in history the Titanic sunk after hitting an iceberg. For our prompt today write about this unfortunate tragedy from the perspective of a passenger.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: The Power of Temptation

In his poem, Fire-Caught, American poet Langston Hughes writes, about two moths circling flame; one with the power to avoid the temptation of the fire and the other eventually consumed by it. Fire is such a powerful and deadly force, but so is temptation. Resisting the lure of something so gratifying and yet so wicked is often too hard to do. Write about temptation!

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Weekend Shades & Bevvies

Wherever you end up this weekend, we hope you’re sporting a funky pair of shades and have a frosty beverage in your hand. Check out these weekend writing prompts that will help you make do with those two simple bits of inspiration: sunglasses and drinks.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Shoes

Some shoes change with the times while others are worn over the span of decades. But one thing is certain: memories are made while wearing shoes.