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NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt: Do You Believe in Curses?

A curse is some form of spell uttered or written with the ability to summon an inexplicable enchantment that wreaks havoc and harm on an individual or a place. The rumors of legendary curses are sprinkled throughout human history. But are curses just wicked misfortunes explained through myth and coincidence?

NYWC Weekly Prompt: Mutiny Amongst the High Seas

You’re a pirate on a pirate ship and your captain has taken the crew on a suicidal mission in search of a mythical treasure. Mutiny is on the mind of every scoundrel on this dastardly vessel. Write about what happens next. Do you join the mutiny or quell the rebellious attitudes of your peers?

Registration for NYWC’s Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Program opens June 2!

NY Writers Coalition’s Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Program is right around the corner! Now in its tenth year, NYWC’s Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Program is a fun, six-week series of free Saturday creative writing workshops for youth in the New York City area.

NYWC Weekly Prompt: Ancient Mythology

The ancient Egyptian faith was founded on a multifaceted structure of polytheistic philosophies. For this week’s prompt, write a new myth featuring ancient Egyptian deities or any other gods and goddesses from an ancient region.