NYWC Weekly Prompt: Ancient Mythology

By Juan G. Rodriguez

When I think of Ancient Egypt my imagination is flooded with images of resurrected mummies, the ancient tombs of god-like pharaohs and the gold treasures of the Great Pyramids. These concepts are absolutely the result of watching too many old-fashion black and white monster-movies.

The mysteries, ingenious methods, rituals and religion of Ancient Egypt continue to fascinate and influence film makers and TV show-runners. In Fact Universal Studios is planning on rebooting its “Mummy” Franchise for the third time. Imhotep will rise from his grave and tangle with audiences in April of 2016. The mythology of ancient Egypt will also becoming to the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter,“Do No Harm” creator David Schulner recently sold an Ancient Egyptian science fiction drama, “Pharaoh” to premium cable network, HBO. “Alien” director Ridley Scott is attached to produce and direct the new series.

Hopefully, one of these projects will take an in-depth look at the fascinating deities of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian faith was founded on a multifaceted structure of polytheistic philosophies. Simply put, they believed in many gods and goddesses. In this system, the reigning pharaoh was believed to be descended from the gods and represented a conduit between the people and the deities. While alive, the pharaoh was believed to be an “incarnation” of the Falcon-headed god Horus. In death the pharaoh was identified with the god Osiris, the ruler of the Egyptian underworld.

For this week’s prompt, write a new myth featuring ancient Egyptian deities or any other gods and goddesses from an ancient region. You could also create a brand new mythology featuring deities of your own design.

Illustrated images of ancient Egyptian solar deity, Ra (User, Pixabay).

Illustrated images of ancient Egyptian solar deity, Ra.