NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt: Do You Believe in Curses?

By Juan G. Rodriguez

A curse is some form of spell uttered or written with the ability to summon an inexplicable enchantment that wreaks havoc and harm on an individual or a place. The rumors of legendary curses are sprinkled throughout human history. But are curses just wicked misfortunes explained through myth and coincidence? Do you believe in curses, jinxes and hexes?

The world of professional sports seems to believe in many superstitions, including curses. From the curse of the Bambino to the curse of Bobby Layne, sports fans quiver in fear at the slightest sign of spontaneous adversity. Players and fans will try anything to avoid bad luck like never washing a jersey or sticking wads of gum to the bottom of a hat.

But objects may also contain curses that generate bad luck for those unfortunate souls who posse them. According to About.com, the curse of the Hope Diamond began when it was stolen from the eye of a sculpted statue of Sita, an avatar of the goddess Lakshmi. The jewel has traveled the globe and has been in the possession of many including King Louis XIV. The diamond is believed to cause bad luck and death to all who touch it.

One of the more supernatural curses that we frequently see portrayed in media is lycanthropy, an accursed ability to shape shift into a hybrid wolf-like creature. These plagued individuals are transformed by the full moon into mindless violent creatures. But that is not the worst part of their torment; in their beastly form they often harm the people they love the most.

For today’s prompt, write a story where a plagued protagonist must overcome several tasks to be liberated from a horrible curse.

Stone figure with a malicious grin, (User, Pixabay).