Archives for July 2014

Writing Prompt: Feelin’ Groovy

In celebration of the summer weather, grab a notebook and pen and pay a visit to your favorite city park. Once you’re there, spend some time observing what’s happening. Using what you’ve observed as inspiration, write a story that takes place entirely inside your park.

Write with the worms!

Join us for a new youth workshop at South Brooklyn Children’s Garden. This writing group is FREE and open to the 6-8 year-old writer in your life. Sign your child up to write with the worms!

NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt

Hot dogs sizzle on backyard grills; the stars and stripes drape themselves over every available surface, and fireworks—amateur and professional—light up the sky at all hours of the night. This past Friday, we celebrated the Fourth of July, the time-honored holiday that marks America’s independence. Back in 1776, however, American independence was anything but certain.

Summer Reading: World Cup Writers Reading List!

Don’t know what to read this summer? Click to see our World Cup Writers Reading List! Each country that competed in the World Cup is represented by an author. This list is a great way to learn about social justice issues and movements in other countries.

NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt: What if?

For today’s writing prompt, create a mash-up or a what if scenario. You could write about the image of the jaguar-lion hybrid below. You can write a piece about being trapped in modern times with pre-historic beast lurking and hunting. Let your imagination guide you.