Writing Prompt: Your alter ego


Contributed by Michael Charboneau

You are what you tweet. That’s probably what many people would think, at least. In one of my classes this semester, I was tasked with writing a paper about how people construct personas through social media, and after interviewing a few of my peers, it was clear to me that what we post on social media comes with a certain degree of manipulation.

Essentially, we post what we want others to see about ourselves. We inevitably present our good side to the world, or maybe even exaggerate aspects of our personalities to make ourselves seem a little more fun or interesting. So, who is the person we present on social media? Today’s prompt riffs on self-representation through social media—and it might help shed some light on the ways we construct a new persona for ourselves online.

Imagine you’ve joined the Witness Protection Program. You have to move to a new city and live under a false name. After unpacking, your first task is to announce your new identity to the world via Twitter. Write at least five tweets in which you present this new alter ego. Pick one to expand.