Support young writers on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday2For me this workshop…[is] exactly what I am looking for… a place I can be myself.

Meet the Coney Island writers. They are a tight knit group of young people that have been coming together each week to find community, safety, and self -expression through creative writing. NYWC’s program at the Coney Island branch of the Brooklyn Public Library has been running for over five years. Even the library’s closure for Hurricane Sandy damages couldn’t completely stop them. When the library re-opened 14 months later, the young people attending the workshop came back.

Most of us have experienced the feeling of isolation that comes with not being able to truly be yourself. But for the young people in our workshops, that isolation is often compounded by poverty, housing insecurity, and unstable family relationships. These young writers often come from low performing schools that are under immense pressure to raise test scores. This data driven, test-prep culture  leaves little space for creativity and  self-expression. Often our participants come to the library because it the only place they have to go after school. These kids need a safe space where they can be heard, find and hone their voice, and grow and mature as writers and people.

These young writers, and hundreds of others like them all over the city, need your support. Can you help support NYWC’s free creative writing programs, serving at-risk youth and countless others across the city? “Suddenly I’m not just “that random girl,” but I’m me. I don’t have to put on a show, and although I can still be a bit shy at times, I always feel comfortable and accepted…I guess what I’m trying to say is this workshop lets me be me.”

*The above quotes come from one writer in NYWC’s workshop at the Coney Island branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.