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Pitches love parties!

Got an amazing essay you’d like to see published? Join us at Paragraph on July 16 for NYWC’s Pitch Party — and help your writing see the light of day! Tickets and details here.

Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Maritza Arrastia

“We write and become writers together. We suggest a prompt (write about your journey to this country, something you left behind, a person you always remember, choose a photo from the table and write) and the stories flow, hesitantly at first and then more freely.

Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Rita Hickey

Every June, members of the NYWC community write stories about their experiences with NYWC as a way to raise awareness and revenue for our programs. This year we will be hearing from eight such individuals. Read their stories, follow the campaign, and support the NYWC Tell Your Story Campaign! This story is from Rita Hickey. Rita tries to write every day and […]

Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Julia Hillman Craig

“I have written with seniors battling illness, isolation and transport issues, yet somehow make it to the workshop on time, determined to write, share and enjoy the support of others around the table. As a late life poet told me one morning: ‘ I’m eighty eight years old. I’m not going to waste time. I only use the words that matter’.”

Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Jen Weitsen

“Many times they write about issues important to them and share pieces with the honesty and charm of what it is like to be a young person today. I often leave feeling inspired and motivated to bring that same energy to my own writing.”