Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Leah Falk

Every June, members of the NYWC community write stories about their experiences with NYWC as a way to raise awareness and revenue for our programs. This year we will be hearing from eight such individuals. Read their stories, follow the campaign, and support the NYWC Tell Your Story Campaign!

This first story is from Leah Falk, a NYWC workshop leader who works with young writers in the Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Program.

Wheleahn I arrived in New York in the fall of 2013, I was in search of a group of writers. There are thousands of writers in New York, but I was looking for a specific group, one as interested in what happens when we write together as when we write alone.

The staff, workshop leaders, volunteers, and participants at NY Writers Coalition are all about writing together. They believe that when people write in the same room at the same time, and when they listen to each other’s writing, a particular alchemy takes place — friendships form, fears are banished, and seemingly ordinary stories gain new importance just by being written down.

This summer, I’ll be part of NYWC’s Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Program for the second time, and I’ve seen this alchemy at work even among the smallest participants: on the same picnic blanket, an eight year old can be composing the first chapter of a fantasy novel about Mars while a six year old hypothesizes about the flight abilities of sharks. At the end of the summer, these kids will read their work aloud, often for the first time, in the company of published writers, parents, and friends.

For these kids, the long term impact of their experiences may be hard to assess, but the short term impact is clear: while they are in a NYWC workshop, whether they’re avid readers, new English speakers, or still struggling to spell, they are all writers. I’d love it if you would join me in supporting them and the greater NYWC community.

Leah Falk

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