Archives for June 2015

Creating & Preserving: Write with NYWC at the Weeksville Heritage Center

Led by poet Angela Lockhart-Aronoff, this workshop experience will stretch your imagination with ideas rooted in history, social and magical realism, Afro-futurism, personal memory, dreams, and storytelling techniques. Begins June 17!

Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Melissa Petro

“Telling stories is said to increase a person’s agency, giving them the strength to understand their circumstances and make choices about their next steps. It’s true. I changed my life and transitioned out of sex work to become a public school teacher as a result of writing and sharing my story.”

Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Leah Falk

When people write in the same room at the same time, and when they listen to each other’s writing, a particular alchemy takes place — friendships form, fears are banished, and seemingly ordinary stories gain new importance just by being written down.

NYWC Tell Your Story Campaign returns: Spotlight on Elena Schwolsky

Cosechando Cuentos (Harvesting Stories) brings together immigrant women who are members of worker-owned cooperatives in my neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. “Somos todas escritoras!” –we read aloud in Spanish from the principles of the NYWC at our first meeting—and then pens to paper we write and become writers together.