Write-A-Thon Fundraising Tip #2: Cast a Wide Net

As a fundraiser for NYWC’s 11th Anniversary Write-A-Thon, you’re championing powerful, community-based writing, and we’re committed to helping you reach your goal. Each week leading up to the main event, we’ll provide fundraising tips, email support, and more. Read on for this week’s secret to success.

cast a wide netCast a wide net.

Sometimes people wonder who they should ask to support their fundraising efforts. In short, the answer is everyone! It can be helpful to create groups of people in your life for brainstorming purposes. For example: Family, college friends, fellow writers, people from your place of worship, your book club, co-workers, etc. List 5-10 people from each list and you will suddenly have substantial list of people to reach out to. People that care about you won’t mind hearing you speak eloquently about something you are passionate about. Put yourself in their shoes and try to remember how you felt the last time you donated money to a worthwhile cause. Remember that feeling as you hit send!

The trick is to email, write, or call as many of these people individually as possible. We all tend to zone out when we know we are reading a form letter that has bee CCed to 100 other people. But if you can personalize your note with a few sentences at the top that are specific to each recipient before segueing into  your carefully crafted letter, people will be more likely to read it. It will take a bit more time, but this approach is much more effective. If you have a very large list you can segment it, individually writing to your 20-30 closest friends (as time permits) and blind carbon copy every one else onto a single email blast. If you already sent out a major email blast to everyone, don’t worry. You can always follow-up individually.

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