Write-A-Thon Fundraising Tip #4: Talk about it!

As a  fundraiser for NYWC’s 10th Anniversary Write-A-Thon, you’re championing powerful, community-based writing, and we’re committed to helping you reach your goal. Each week leading up to the main event, we’ll provide fundraising tips, email support, and more. Read on for this week’s secret to success.

Imagine this scenario:

YOUR FRIEND: So what you are doing next weekend?

YOU: I’m going to NYWC’s Write-A-Thon!

YOUR FRIEND: [thinking] Didn’t you email me about that or something?

YOU: [trying not to look too exasperated] Yeah, a couple of times actually.

YOUR FRIEND: So what’s the deal again?

YOU: [enthusiastically] I thought you’d never ask! I am asking friends to pledge their support as I dedicate an entire day to my writing to benefit NY Writers Coalition, an amazing grass-roots non-profit doing incredible work in community-based writing. I can text you the link to my fundraising page or you could just give me whatever cash is in your wallet right now.

Okay, so that last part might have been a little over the top, but you get the idea. This is the week to talk about the The Write-A-Thon. All the time. To everyone. Give the people in your life the chance to support your writing by making sure they know you are participating in the Write-A-Thon this Saturday. Keep a copy of the link to your fundraising page handy so you can send/resend it as it comes up in conversation. You can also accept cash, and we will happily send a receipt for a cash donation if you get your donor’s contact info.

Also if you are starting your fundraising late, be sure to check-out our previous fundraising tips here, here, and here.

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