Join Us During Our Summer Membership Drive!


A space to gather, blank space on the page, space to collect your thoughts. …

Here at NY Writers Coalition, we’re in the business of providing space in so many of the different ways one thinks of the word. Each year hundreds of New Yorkers meet at more than 40 spaces all over the city to write together and share their work and personal stories. It may sound like a simple act, but it’s an act of grave importance when one considers that many of the participants in our programs belong to populations that have been historically silenced by society – incarcerated youth and adults, LGBTQ seniors, the homeless and formerly homeless (just to name a few) – these are populations that have been denied in one way of another the essential space we all need: space for self-expression, understanding, and community. Today, perhaps more so than any era in recent memory, is a time to fight for those spaces.

Fight with us, support our mission, and donate to NYWC’s Summer 17 Membership Drive. We’re asking for sustaining monthly donations to help keep hearts open and pages full all over the city. Spreading your support over time both makes giving easier on you and provides NY Writers Coalition with the critical ongoing support we need to keep our programs thriving all year round.

And now for the first time, you’ll have the option of giving to each of our six programs individually.

You can choose to either support one of our six writing programs (Criminal Justice, Health & Wellness, Homeless & Formerly Homeless Writers, LGBTQ, Women & Girls, Youth Writers) individually or choose to simply make a general contribution and we’ll spread your gift around to each program. You can also choose to either make a recurring donation or a one-time gift. Any way that you give you’ll be helping us to provide space for those in need.