Summer Reading: World Cup Writers Reading List!

Don’t know what to read this summer? Click to see our World Cup Writers Reading List! Each country that competed in the World Cup is represented by an author. This list is a great way to learn about social justice issues and movements in other countries.

Let the Games Begin: World Cup Writers

See if some of your favorite international authors made it onto our World Cup Writers bracket. You can fill out your own and tweet it to us, @NYWriters or take a picture and share it with us on Instagram (same handle). Those who share their brackets with us will be entered to win some NYWC swag!

NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt: Caught in a Storm

Summertime in New York City brings some epic thunderstorms. When the thunder cracks everyone ducks and runs for cover. For this week’s prompt write about getting caught in a thunderstorm.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day

Everyone has their daily routine. Our prompt comes from Ted Berrigan’s poem 10 Things I Do Everyday. Make your own list poem of things day you do every day.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: When I Was Younger…

Write about a younger version of yourself. Were you a reckless youth, a curious kid or always responsible?