NYWC Podcast Episode 8: NaNoWriMo with real life novelist Ben Dolnick

Thanksgiving is less than a week away — which means you’re in the homestretch of National Novel Writing Month! Are the words flowing or have you already given up on your next great masterpiece? Author Ben Dolnick is to the rescue with some practical tips on how to keep the stories coming and get the words on the page. You can do it!

NYWC Podcast Episode 7: Angel Nafis Opens Her BlackGirl Mansion to Ft. Greene Park Youth

EPISODE 7: Angel Nafis Opens Her BlackGirl Mansion to Ft. Greene Park Youth (Click to listen/download.) https://nywriterscoalition.org/podcasts/NYWCPodcastE7H.mp3 This episode features poet and author of BlackGirl Mansion Angel Nafis, and two up-and-coming poets from NY Writers Coalition’s Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Program, Najaya Royal and Tema Regist. In a rare sit-down in NYWC’s offices, this dynamic trio share what writing rituals help […]

NYWC Podcast Episode 6: The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards

EPISODE 6: Kristopher Jansma’s The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards (Click to listen/download.) https://nywriterscoalition.org/podcasts/NYWCPodcastE6G.mp3 This episode features Kristopher Jansma discussing his debut novel The Unchanging Spots of Leopards (Viking/Penguin 2013), ways to jump start the creative process, and whether today’s digital age is helpful or harmful to literature.

NYWC Podcast Episode 5: Royal Young’s Fame Shark

EPISODE 5: Royal Young’s Fame Shark  (Click to listen/download.) This episode features Royal Young, a New York author born and raised on the Lower East Side, discussing his debut memoir Fame Shark.

NYWC Podcast Episode 4: After Isaac with Author Avra Wing

EPISODE 4: After Isaac with Author Avra Wing  (Click to listen/download.) This episode features NY Writers Coalition workshop leader and novelist Avra Wing, as she discusses her first young adult novel, After Isaac. Avra’s first novel, Angie, I Says, was a New York Times Notable Book and made into the movie Angie. Her poetry collection, Recurring Dream, won the 2011 Pecan Grove Press Poetry Chapbook Competition, and she […]