NYWC’s Write-A-Thon: FAQs


When and where is the 11th Annual Write-A-Thon happening?
This year’s Write-A-Thon kicks off Saturday, November 5 @ 10:00 a.m. and runs until 6:00 p.m. at The Writers Room, the nation’s oldest and largest urban writers’ colony (740 Broadway, Manhattan).

What happens at the NYWC Write-A-Thon?
You write. All day. You can also edit, share ideas, think, outline your next creative project or spend the day submitting your masterpieces for publication (There will be free Wi-Fi access).  It’s your day for your writing, so you can use it however you want.  You can come and go as you please, but doesn’t your writing deserve a full day?

What happens if I get writers block?
We have a Writer’s First Aid Station for acute cases.  We’ll also run our famous NYWC workshops throughout the day for inspiration.

How do I sign up?
Registration for NYWC’s 11th Annual Write-A-Thon is now open! Register hereNYWC is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All donations and money raised on behalf of NYWC are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Where does the money go?
NYWC’s Write-A-Thon is our annual fundraiser and helps us continue to provide free workshops in underserved communities throughout New York City.  We currently serve at-risk youth, the homeless, the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, seniors, people living with disabilities and major illnesses, immigrants, and many others. 

I noticed this year you are asking us to meet the fundraising minimum before our spot at the event on November 5 in confirmed. Why the change?
This year we have the opportunity to hold the Write-A-Thon at The Writers Room. We couldn’t turn down the chance to hold the Write-A-Thon in a beautiful and prestigious space with such a rich literary history. Over 1,000 books have been written there. The space is intimate and has a capacity of just 50 people, much smaller than previous years. To make sure we save spots for as many serious Write-A-Thonners and fundraisers as possible to attend, we are implementing this policy requiring fundraisers to meet the minimum before they can RSVP.

What happens if I raise money but the event fills up before I hit the minimum?
If the Write-A-Thon hits capacity while you are working toward the $200 minimum, you’ll be added to the wait list to attend the event on November 5. We’ll contact you if a space opens up. We will also send you an official Write-A-Thon Kit, complete with this year’s Write-A-Thon totebag, writing prompts, and other swag, so you can still write your a** off, albeit remotely. The funds you raise will still support NYWC’s free creative writing workshops for previously unheard New Yorkers in New York City.

Who is this year’s keynote speaker?
The keynote speaker for the 2016 Write-A-Thon is Matt Gallagher, the author of the novel Youngblood, published in February 2016 by Atria/ Simon & Schuster.

A former U.S. Army captain, Matt’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Paris Review Daily and Playboy, among other places. He’s also the author of the Iraq memoir Kaboom and coeditor of, and contributor to, the short fiction collection Fire & Forget: Short Stories from the Long War. In 2015, Gallagher was featured in Vanity Fair as one of the voices of a new generation of American war literature. Among other media, he’s appeared on CBS News Sunday Morning and NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show.

Who is NY Writers Coalition?
Founded in 2002, NYWC has become one of the largest community writing  and social justice programs in the country. We provide free creative writing workshops throughout New York City, publish our workshop participants’ writing, and organize public readings of their work.

Writing with others in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance, participants discover the value of their own stories, gain confidence and a stronger sense of self and become less isolated from themselves and from society. By creating a community of writers and leaders from diverse backgrounds, we galvanize the voices of the marginalized and create opportunities for all writers to connect with the larger community. NYWC’s goal is to create an inclusive city, one that is aware of the diversity of voices within it and honors the lives of all of its citizens. Funds raised at the Write-a-thon will allow us to provide hundreds of our free workshops throughout the year. For more about NYWC, check out this nifty little video.

For regular Write-a-Thon updates, check out NYWC’s Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @NYWriters (#writeathon). We will be posting fun contests and giving more information leading up to the big day, so stay in the loop!


Thank you to our sponsors!

NYWC’s 11th Annual Write-A-Thon is hosted by The Writers Room

Food will be provided by The Greene Grape

Joe Coffee will keep us caffeinated