NYWC’s Write-A-Thon: Your impact

NY Writers Coalition’s 11th Annual Write-A-Thon supports NYWC’s free programming in New York City that creates opportunities for writers of all backgrounds to be heard through the art of creative writing. We believe that no lasting shift in the balance of social power can occur until those without a voice can speak. In Poetry Like Bread, Martin Espada writes, “Any oppressive social condition, before it can be changed, must be named and condemned in words that persuade by stirring the emotions, awakening the senses.”

For people whose daily experience is one of isolation and hardship, the act of naming can be the first step toward gaining control of their experience. NYWC provides a safe and positive community, where formerly voiceless people not only tell their stories, but have them heard as well. Our support provides the opportunity and audience for the disenfranchised to tell the truth about their lives. Our workshops are particularly targeted toward underserved people, including youth, seniors, women, LGBT communities, people living with disabilities, people who are incarcerated or have been incarcerated, and others from traditionally silenced groups.

Since formally beginning operations in early 2002, NYWC has become one of the largest organizations in the country dedicated to community writing. In the past two years, NYWC operated approximately 2,061 weekly workshop sessions, serving approximately 2,745 people in 54 separate groups at 39 sites across. The Write-A-Thon is NYWC’s largest fundraiser, and since its inception in 2005 it has raised over $186,000 to support these critical programs.




Thank you to our sponsors!

NYWC’s 11th Annual Write-A-Thon is hosted by The Writers Room

Food will be provided by The Greene Grape

Joe Coffee will keep us caffeinated