• On the Same Page is back with NYWC

    It’s simple: Read some moving poetry and prose and leave a nice note. Join us to do just that for NYWC workshop members in Rikers. Never has so little meant more. Details here.

    On the Same Page is back with NYWC
  • We’re not dead yet.

    The writing hand is a fist formed to harness the power of creative potential. Join NYWC in Making a Fist, a self-care oriented writing workshop for people of color. Write to witness. Write to remember. Write to liberate.

    We’re not dead yet.


About NY Writers Coalition

NY Writers Coalition Inc. (NYWC) is one of the largest community-based creative writing programs in the world. We partner with public and private institutions, social service agencies, and social justice organizations to provide unique, empowering ongoing weekly creative writing workshops throughout New York City. Our workshops are particularly targeted toward underserved people, including youth, seniors, women, LGBT communities, people living with disabilities, people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated, or others with specialized needs. Writers participate in NYWC’s readings and their work is published in NYWC’s high-quality publications.

Since we launched in 2002, more than 12,000 NYWC workshop participants have been served in hundreds of New York City locations. Our workshop members have been widely published, been accepted to prestigious high schools and universities, and have had work presented in Carnegie Hall, in the NY Times, on NPR, and in major venues across NYC.

NYWC also offers other free and low cost workshops and events that are open to everyone. We welcome writers of all genres and experience levels. Click through our website to learn more about NYWC’s public programs, annual Write-A-Thon, current drop-in workshop schedule, and NYWC Press publications.

We Believe
  • Everyone is a writer, regardless of prior writing experience and formal education.
  • Through encouragement and support, people grow as writers and artists.
  • In the value of the uniqueness of every individual’s voice.
  • Each person’s experiences are a source of strength and power as a writer and an artist.
  • In creating and maintaining a non-judgmental, open and respectful community where everyone is encouraged to support and listen to each other and to take risks and grow as writers.
  • Each person, through writing, can shape and influence the lives of others.
  • We can achieve social change by providing access and opportunity for all writers, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability.

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