Weekly Writing Prompt: Space Travel & Exploration

For this week’s writing prompt, travel into outer space and explore undiscovered worlds with your imagination and a really good pen.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Et tu Brute?

The Ides of March (March 15) is known as the date that Julius Caesar was assassinated. Legend has it that Caesar was warned that something bad would happen to him on the Ides of March, a warning that he did not take very seriously. The assassination was organized by a group of Senators that called […]

Weekly Writing Prompt: Mardi Gras 2014

Whether it is lavish parades, formal masquerade balls, or drunken debauchery—Mardi Gras celebrations are the perfect setting to stage enigmatic narratives filled with chance encounters and unresolved mysterious.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Your Fairy Tale

Recently I have been inspired by The Write Stuff Novel Writing Workshop for kids that I assisted with at NY Writers Coalition. One of the participants put their own spin on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella. Instead of being an orphan and only child, it turns out that Cinderella’s parents are alive  and being held […]

Weekly Writing Prompt: Cherry Pie Day

Today is National Cherry Pie Day. It is the day we celebrate the baked goodness of those luscious scarlet cherries enclosed inside of an elegant flaky pie crust, baked to perfection with a fragrant aroma of wholesome bliss.