Programs For Adults

NYWC currently provides free ongoing long-term weekly creative writing workshops throughout NYC. Through partnerships with various social service organizations we operate a Youth Writers Program and the below Adult Writers Program workshops for diverse groups of unheard New Yorkers. Our writers also participate in our readings and events, including the annual Write Makes Might, and the Writing Aloud Reading Series, and their work is published in our online literary journal, Dig Deep, and in NYWC’s high-quality books.

Justice Writing Program

  • The Fortune Society: Services for people coming out of and serving in lieu of incarceration, in Queens.
  • MDC Brooklyn: Workshop for incarcerated men at a federal detention center.
  • Rikers Island, Rose M. Singer Center: Workshop for women in jail.
  • Stay N Out/Serendipity:  Residence in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, for formerly incarcerated women seeking substance abuse treatment, operated by NY Therapeutic Communities.

Veterans  Workshops

Health & Wellness Program

  • CIDNY: Center for Independence of the Disabled, Manhattan, services for people with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Creative Center:  Workshop at arts center in Manhattan for people living with cancer.
  • NY Presbyterian Psychiatric Unit: Two workshops for inpatients in acute care in Manhattan hospital.
  • Port Morris Wellness Center: Workshop in a community clinic for patients undergoing treatment for opiate abuse/dependency on methadone maintenance. Clinic is South Bronx outpost of the Division of Substance Abuse of Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  • 14th Street Y- Educational Center for Retired Adults:  Two workshops for older adults, center operated by The Educational Alliance.
  • Dorot University Without Walls: a telephone workshop for  home-bound older adults.
  • Isabella Geriatric Center: Workshop for seniors at a geriatric and rehabilitation facility in Manhattan’s Washington Heights section.
  • Prime Time:  Workshop for older adults at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
  • SAGE:  Two workshops at Manhattan community center for GLBT elders.
  • VISIONS: Workshop for blind seniors in a residence for the blind and visually impaired in Manhattan.

Open Community Workshop

Brooklyn Public Library, Central Branch (10 Grand Army Plaza) – Mondays @ 3:00-5:00 p.m. FREE!

Workshop Methods

NYWC’s workshop method is designed to reduce competition amongst writers and allows writers of all backgrounds, ages, experience levels and genres to work together to grow as writers. Workshop size is limited to ensure that each member receives enough time and attention.

Workshop participants write during the workshop and receive positive, supportive feedback. We do not critique brand new writing, because the writer has not yet had a chance to read or revise it. In addition, it is assumed that all writing done in the workshop is fictional. Workshop leaders also write as part of the group, providing a model for taking risks and showing vulnerability in a group setting. These guidelines ensure that participants feel safe to write and read aloud even the riskiest material.

Writers are given the freedom to find and strengthen their individual and unique voices as well as to experiment with form, style and new genres. In addition, the workshop provides a structure for writers to produce new work on a regular basis. Workshop members become part of a community of writers, easing some of the isolation that writers and those in marginalized groups often encounter.