When I Think About Peace

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series Issue II: Fall 2009

by Doma Newkirk

When I think about peace I think about the immoral dwellers of the exalted paradise, and I strive to attain such a section. When I think of peace I think that I will unravel the mysteries of love from the winds that have endless whirlpools, and I will learn the secrets of the divine and consummate wisdom of his eternal fruits. When I think of peace it’s the solace that wasn’t there when it should have been from the lifeless heart that was evident to all those involved. Peace is a long time coming, and peace is still trying to get here – in ME!!

It behooves me that there is no Peace for me until I face the pain that appears to ME to be worse than the physical. When I think of peace I think of death itself, for is death not peaceful? I can see the essence of the light as I’ve seen it twice before so peaceful, so peaceful. In the realm of it I dread not extinction, because with my extinction there will be final peace. Its been ordained for myself as everyone else “PEACE”.

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