Golden Treasure

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Issue III: Winter 2010

by Suzanne Lapka

I inhaled Joey’s delicate fragrance. He loved to play in the bathtub using his measuring cup to rain bubbles over his body. What a treasure, wet and shining

In the bedroom, Derek inhaled his burning joint. Before we were married, our group had many pot parties. When I tried to inhale my first joint, I felt my throat constrict, burning as the joint burned. Never again. Weed was toxic.

I kept Joey away from Derek because his second course was often coke. Joey was pure, Derek was dangerous.

I dried Joey in a fluffy towel. He laughed, and we carried on the magical dialogue. I hoped Derek wouldn’t leave the bedroom to break our moments.

The overture of the white noise in my head was covered over by the sound of the screaming fire engine. The car was blocking the engine’s path. Finally the noise stopped.

I dressed Joey quickly. The sun bathing his small body, so soft and delicious.

Tucked in his stroller, his legs bobbing up and down in anticipation of the outside world. I’m sure Derek was in his own cocoon. He wouldn’t notice we left.

It was cold outside, but buds showed the beginning of Spring. The park had rows of different flowers just ready to glow for us. He loved the white tulips best. I bought a dozen tulips to put in his room. Soon the blossoms would fill our eyes.

The sounds of children playing in his special park delighted Joey. He spoke in his gleeful language that he was going to join Matthew his best friend. How juicy the relationship was. How amazing my little Joey.

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