I Feel Surreal

This entry is part 5 of 11 in the series Issue II: Fall 2009

by Hannah Puelle
Age 6

When my brother looked like a monster in the water,
When a cat starts to talk,
A fish starts to dance,
When a ceiling board jumped,
When a slide banged itself,
When I jumped without even trying to jump,
When hair jumped on my head,
When clothes came out of my dresser like magic,
When a shoe jumped out of the closet,
When the shirt danced,
A chair jumped,
And a box covered my face,
When a pen danced,
When a bracelet jumped out of an earring,
A table with books and pens on it moved side to side,
When a book jumped up and down,
A bird flew into a deserted house,
A phone ordered what we wanted itself,
A leaf jumped off its tree when the wind wasn’t even blowing,
When I flew in the air and I grew wings,
When the light jumped off the ceiling.

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