A Clump of Hair Speaks Her Piece

This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series Issue VII: Winter 2011

by Barbara Hohenberg

Here we are, girls, all clumped together,
smelling of lavender again;
don’tcha just love it when she climbs in the shower
and uses the purple shampoo?

That green stuff sucks — too pepperminty!
As it is, we get all electric,
but I gotta admit that’s fun while it lasts!
We get to do the jazzy fly-away dance — that’s a ball!

Then she tames us
with the purple goop,
and that’s OK too;
it leaves us all smooth and silky, don’t it?

Then we can do our hula dance
as she sashays
down the street,
and is that sweet!

I personally think it’s because of us
she gets those wolf whistles.
And don’tcha love the way that heats up her scalp?
I groove on that warmth.

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