The Magic Kit

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series Issue VII: Winter 2011

by Lynne Stolper

The little girl waited patiently for her real magic kit to arrive.  The kit was to include a black wooden magic wand, a black silk top hat and a real live bunny rabbit.  She found the advertisement for the magic kit on the back of her Kellogg’s cereal box.

Every day the little girl asked her mother has my kit come in the mail today?  Not today the mother replied.  Why is it taking so long?   Is it really coming or have they just forgotten about me?  Her mother said these things take time just have patience.

She did wait patiently from then on but couldn’t stop thinking about all the wonderful magic tricks she would do.  She would tap her wand twice and flowers would appear, pull scarves out of her sleeve and pull her live bunny rabbit out of her top hat.  She might even put on a show for the neighborhood kids.

Finally after six weeks of waiting, her mother said your magic kit has arrived.  The little girl was so excited, she ran to get it from her mother.  The girl looked at the large flat brown envelope that held her magic supplies.  How could this flat package hold my real live bunny rabbit, my silk top hat and a real magic wand?

Although the girl was only five, she knew something was up. She suspiciously opened the envelope and there was her wand.  Oh no she said, how could this be my wand?  This is just a piece of paper cut out to look like a wand.  Then she dug deeper into the envelope and pulled out what turned out to be a paper top hat.  She called her mother over and told her there has to be a mistake.  I was expecting real things and look at what they sent me paper things!  Her mother told her not to be upset. This is the way companies do things.

The girl tried to cheer up. Finally she got up the nerve to stick her hand deep inside the envelope to pull out her real rabbit.  Once again, what was supposed to be a real live rabbit was just a cheap piece of paper.  She had been fooled! They were bad people!  They fooled little children and she started to cry.  After waiting so long her dream of being a magician was crushed.

Her mother told her not to be sad and asked if she would like a glass milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The girl said no.  I am not hungry. I am going inside my room. I am going to plant the seeds I have saved in the soil. I know that in a few weeks my seeds will grow into plants and I will be happy once again.  I will have made my own magic.

The girl never ordered anything from the back of boxes again.  She would only go to the store before she bought anything. She needed to see for herself what she was getting.  The little girl would never be fooled again!

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