Dream Seer

This entry is part 3 of 11 in the series Issue IX: Summer 2011

By Iroppoi Enzeru

Last I recall, all fades to black
Falling with what seems to be no end
Trapped in a closet
My arm burns with it
Flames bring me to claws of steel.
Tearing into my flesh
Grows fierce
Direct heart
Pounding wet, cold, stench unknown

Walking into the black mirror lights the way
Truth of truths
Person with no face
Fear snatched backwards then
Thrown with all Hell’s fury
I awoke to find I fell off my bed and rolled.

In my case, below the bed, a cigarette burns
Left from the bud
Blood runs from the scratches
The tiger left.
His tummy roars the ice and beer spit on my shirt
Reeking the void that is self

I look in the dirty compact I use for makeup.
Lipstick smeared
$20 from the random man last night
Reflecting that I was holding myself back
Scared of life
I move forward.
I run no more.

Signed, a dream seer.

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