Scene from the ice skating rink

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By Lynne Stolper

I look out my sixth floor window and see life. I see lights at night but during the day I see people all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are dressed for skating some not.

I see people enjoying life, skating round and round with the sun reflecting on them. Some fall, others sail by yet others stumble but catch themselves before they fall. Always movement graceful and clumsy. It is a free for all dance, but it works!

The special days when the professional skaters come to practice is a free ice-show for me without leaving my apartment. I wish I were skating with them being as skilled and graceful as they.

The ice-skating rink brings new life to the playground each winter .The playground is filled with pretend grass the rest of the year. For a few months a year, new life and energy fill cold winter days. I hear the voices of children just getting their sea legs yelling, laughing and calling for mama to come get me.

It brings me back to my childhood when I skated at an indoor rink near my home with my friends wearing rented skates, sledding down hills, throwing snowballs. It’s Christmas card perfect but mostly it is alive and that’s what I like most.

It’s the way I envision winter in my mind, the way I want it to look. It’s a break from reality a place to watch maybe participate and dream!


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